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Scheduling Backup Jobs

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SQL Backup provides the Schedule Backup Jobs wizard to guide you through the process of setting up scheduled SQL Server Agent backup jobs that use SQL Backup to perform the backup.

You can use the Schedule Backup Jobs wizard to generate a SQL script for backing up multiple databases. You can then view this script and use it as a basis for your own multiple database backup scripts.

The Schedule Backup Jobs wizard automatically sets up a job step using the RAISERROR command so that the SQL Server Agent reports an error if the SQL Backup command fails. For information about SQL Server Agent jobs, steps, and the RAISERROR command, refer to your SQL Server documentation.

To start the Schedule Backup wizard, click Schedule Backup Jobs. The Schedule Backup wizard comprises the following steps (if you are editing a job, you will not see Step 1):

Step 1:

Select the SQL Server, and optionally choose a previously-saved template.

Step 2:

Select the types of backup you want to perform and the databases that you want to back up.

Step 3:

Define the details of the job schedules.

Step 4:

Specify the backup file location and settings, and set options for existing backup files.

Step 5:

Specify compression and encryption options, and any required actions on completion.

Step 6:

Review the backup summary, and create the backup jobs.

You can edit a scheduled job by right-clicking the job in the Jobs pane, and then clicking Edit. The Edit Backup Job wizard is displayed. This is similar to the Schedule Backup Jobs wizard, but the wizard contains the settings for the selected job, Step 1 is skipped, and you can edit only one job at a time.




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