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TableMapping Class Members

RedGate.SQLDataCompare.Engine Namespace : TableMapping Class (RedGate.SQLDataCompare.Engine)

TableMapping overview

Public Constructors

Public Constructor TableMapping Constructor Constructor. Calls the base constructor and initializes the index mappings.

Public Properties

Public Property FieldMappings Returns the field mappings for the tables.
Public Property Include The include property for tables.
Public Property IndexMapping If an IndexMapping is being used for matching, this is the IndexMapping. Its FieldMapping is also in MatchingMappings.
Public Property IndexMappings The IndexMappings for the indexes that can be used to compare tables or views. The indexes must be PrimaryKey, Unique, or UniqueConstraint.
Public Property MatchingMappings The FieldMappings that are used to compare the databases. These may have been set from an IndexMapping.
Public Property Messages Messages that explain any issues concerning the mapping; null if no issues exist.
Public Property Obj1 Returns the view or table in the first database.
Public Property Obj2 Returns the view or table in the second database.
Public Property Status The status of the Table Mapping.
Public Property Where Where clause object used on the databases.

Public Methods

Public Method Clone Overridden.  Creates a shallow copy.
Public Method CompareTo (Inherited from RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.Mapping)Sorts the Mappings.
Public Method IsMatching Determines whether the specified field is being used for matching the databases.
Public Method RefreshMappingStatus Checks the current contents of IndexMapping and MatchingMappings to determine whether the current TableMapping can be compared.

If the TableMapping can be compared, the TableMapping Status is set to Success; otherwise the Status is set to UnableToCompare. If not all of the fields in the table are mapped successfully, if the Status is not already set to UnableToCompare, it is set to PartialSuccess.

Public Method UseIndexForMapping Changes the matching mappings to be the fields from the matched indexes. The property IndexMapping is set to the specified mapping; or null if a problem was encountered.

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TableMapping Class  | RedGate.SQLDataCompare.Engine Namespace



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