UI Sketch: a UI wireframing application created in only... 9 days

What does the UI Sketch demo offer?

  1. Change the look of the UI instantly

    UI Sketch has the ability to not only show UI controls as wireframes but to also render those same controls as realistic Windows controls at the click of a button.

  2. Page design overviews

    Easily preview your entire set of designs in one screen to make finding and organizing your files easy.

  3. Show connections between slides

    Use the tree view to organize, duplicate and link sets of slides together.

Download Now

UI Sketch requires the .NET 4.0 framework or above to be installed. UI Sketch simply runs as a standalone executable so just extract the files and run the .exe

Where did the UI Sketch application idea come from?

This small prototype application was created as part of a 'Down Tools' project @ Red Gate Software. The down tools initiative was introduced over a year ago and happens every 3 months. Every member of our development teams are given time off from regular project work and can choose to work on any personal projects they are interested in. The apps could be just a bit of fun or something more technical.

The UI Sketch application was written solely by a developer (take a bow Andrew Hunter) at Red Gate in only 9 days. We are making UI Sketch public to share some of the concepts with the wider UX community.

If you have any questions or suggestions to make this tool even better then post in our UI Sketch UserVoice forum and I'll make sure to respond.

The UI Sketch app has very limited functionality but hey - it was programmed in a matter of days but I think some of the features that are there completely rock and need sharing!